Generate finished, SEO ready articles in minutes

AI article writer for agencies

Doesn't sound like ChatGPT -

Doesn't "Sound Like" ChatGPT

Get production ready content that doesn't sound like generic AI

Built for SEO and Human readers -

Built For SEO and Human Readers

Finished articles aren't just SEO word salad–humans enjoy reading them

Set specific word count -

Writes to a Specific Word Count

Lexii can write complete articles according to your specified word count unlike ChatGPT

Plagiarism Detection- - SaaS AI article writer

Passes Plagiarism Detection

All content is checked for plagiarism and reworked if necessary

Custom Voice and Tone in - SEO-ready AI article writer

Set Voice & Tone

Set a tone for your articles to speak to your target audience most effectively

SEO optimized for Yoast -

Yoast SEO Optimized

Lexii articles are built to pass Yoast's checklist with flying colors

Scales for teams of any size

How it works - SEO-ready AI article writer Outline - article writer
number 1

State of the Art Foundation Model

Unlike most of our competitors, Lexii is built exclusively on GPT-4

number 2

Cutting Edge Prompt Engineering

We're constantly evolving our algorithms to get the best from LLM's

number 3

Easy to Use Interface

Generate articles in a few clicks without worrying about the details

Technologies we work with

Lexii is on a Mission

Many fear AI will flood the internet with poorly written content. We think differently: what if it makes the internet better? What if AI can help us reliably generate factual, accurate, and on-brand content? It's the future we believe in and it’s why we’ve worked so hard to bring you Lexii. - SEO-ready AI article writer

Embrace AI for your agency & supercharge your workflow